You may choose ARDGOWAN SCHOOL because we are a RURAL SCHOOL.
So what makes that so special?
We offer….

1. All the benefits of a beautiful, rural setting, with the convenience of being just five minutes from the centre of town.
2. Plenty of space for imaginative play.
3. A whole school ethos of “community” and mutual support.
4. A school bus available to make travel easier
5. A relaxed, peaceful setting with amazing views of the mountains.
6. A huge field and court area to develop the skills of the budding sports star.
7. Close links with other small schools in our cluster to ensure wider friendship groups are developed.
8. Small class sizes where children are treated as individuals.
9. Activities that reflect and value our local community.
10. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere to our Ardgowan community.

You may choose ARDGOWAN SCHOOL because we offer
So what makes that the best choice for my children?
We offer….

11. A seamless transition from the primary to the intermediate years of schooling.
12. Teachers who know their students well and cater for individual needs.
13. Teachers who offer choice and challenge in learning at all levels.
14. The opportunity for children to become confident risk takers, within a familiar setting.
15. A broad and balanced education so that our students leave as well rounded individuals.
16. Opportunities to develop social skills by mixing with a wide range of ages.
17. A place where we begin creating dreams for young minds.
18. An open door policy, where Parents are welcomed into the classroom.
19. A structured, once a week programme for senior students to develop skills for life, careers experience and a sense of their role in the community.
20. An organised, student led prefect system in operation.
21. Opportunities for leadership for ALL the senior students.
22. Regular activities and events to involve pre-schoolers in the life of the school, before the all important day.
23. A structured programme to welcome New Entrants into the school.
24. Students who have a real sense of belonging.
25. An active, successful student council.
26. Motivated students who are proud of their school.
27. Strong links to Pre-schools and High Schools for ease of transition.
28. A chance for children to aspire to and to BE role models for the school.

So why is that important?
We offer….

29. Teachers who attend regular professional development training to constantly improve their knowledge and practice for the benefit of the school and the students.
30. Professional teachers with a high level of expertise.
31. Dedicated teachers, committed to providing the best possible education for your children.
32. Teachers with a high level of curriculum knowledge.
33. Excellent communication.
34. A detailed, regular system for reporting to parents.
35. Teachers who support independent learning.
36. A motivated, talented, friendly staff.
37. Games and play feature in the learning programmes of our students.
38. Caring Teachers who have the time to listen to your children and take a genuine interest in them.

You may choose ARDGOWAN SCHOOL because of our high ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS
We offer….
39. High academic achievement in maths, writing and reading,.
40. High expectations for work and behaviour.
41. An understanding that children learn in different ways and we provide a range of activities to suit all learners.
42. Small class sizes to maximise individual student teacher time.
43. A place where individual learning needs are catered for across all curriculum areas.
44. A place where the arts are valued and students have opportunities to develop skills in art, drama, music and dance.
45. The use of thinking tools to help develop thinking skills.
46. Well resourced literacy and numeracy programmes.
47. The development of science skills, knowledge and thinking each year, through consistent and skilled teaching.
48. Strategies to support students to persevere with a task and to solve problems in a variety of ways.
49. Second Language Learning available for all students.
50. An environment where children who take pride in their achievements.
51. Encouragement for our students to ‘think outside the square’.
52. A unique Inquiry Learning model developed within the school, that reflects the interests of the children.
53. A newly refurbished resource room for easy access to a wide range of resources.
54. Effective use of ICT equipment including interactive boards, digital cameras, to enhance learning.
55. Opportunities for children to evaluate their achievements and set their own goals.
56. Integration of computers into all curriculum areas.
57. Comfortable, flexible work spaces.
58. A successful SCIENCE FAIR event each year.
59. Learning that is relevant to our students.
60. Tried and tested spelling and writing programmes in place.
61. Programmes that cater to the needs of all our exceptional students, including a GIFTED AND TALENTED group/.

You may choose ARDGOWAN SCHOOL because of our SPECIAL CHARACTER
So what makes us so UNIQUE?
We offer……

62. An environment that celebrates individuality and ‘difference’.
63. A mix of old and the new, combining beautiful historic buildings with up to the minute learning spaces.
64. Students who are happy and motivated.
65. A positive, pro-active approach to behaviour management.
66. A rich history.
67. Amazing play spaces, including brand new playground, sandpit and trampoline, for the children to enjoy.
68. A healthy munchies break for “brain food” to help the children to concentrate better.
69. A friendly safe environment for your children to develop their skills.
70. Parents who are generous with their time and skills to contribute to the learning of the students.
71. A large, versatile ‘hall’ space for functions, school performances, indoor sports and much more.
72. A large covered deck area for learning and play.
73. A well resourced, newly refurbished dedicated library.
74. An environment where local resources, people and places are utilised effectively to enhance learning.
75. A school that values and promotes healthy eating and lifestyles.
76. A school where we work together.
77. Bright, interactive displays that reflect all curriculum areas.
78. An exciting end of year production that involves the whole school.
79. Effective heaters and air conditioning systems that provide the optimum working environment.
80. A weekly assembly to celebrate achievements and student learning.
81. Children who are excited by learning and rise to challenges.
82. A wide range of books to capture the imagination of boys and girls.
83. A school that is sensitive to the cultural needs of our students.
84. A school that is open to new ideas and has a culture of lifelong learning.
85. An experienced, dynamic Board of Trustees involved in the day-to-day life of the school.
86. A place where children are encouraged to be the best that they can be.
87. A school that promotes a culture of sustainability with a “Keep it Green” programme.

You may choose ARDGOWAN SCHOOL because of all the EXTRAS we provide
We offer…..
88. A range of exciting sports equipment which is regularly replaced and available for daily use.
89. Guitar lessons available for students.
90. Amazing opportunities for education outside the classroom.
91. Successful soccer team and club to develop skills and team spirit
92. A pie warmer and microwave for student use, for those colder months of the year.
93. Oven and kitchen area available for cooking and baking.
94. Opportunities to develop cultural and sporting interests, through a range of clubs including chess, choir, touch, t-ball, mini ball, Kapa Haka.
95. An active, friendly Home and School group.
96. Regular events for our students to enjoy including disco, talent quest, visiting performers and much more.
97. A successful whanau team system.
98. An involvement in community events including Santa Parade, Music Festival, Victorian Fair and more.
99. Exciting camps from Year 3 upwards.
100. Fun activities involving the whole community, including Christmas Fair, Quiz Nights, Car Rally and Garden Walk, to name just a few.

We look forward to welcoming you.